Mallard Rock N Wire Art how we became us!

Most of my childhood I was a tomboy , happily following my dad through the Idaho Deserts and digging in dirt. I spent many years looking for buried treasure in the form of rocks and gems that looked like mud covered marbles. It wouldn't be until years later that I would understand how much those days in the desert would shape my future. Several years ago my grandfather worked in doing heavy construction,  building dams, missile silos, tabernacles and roads during this time he noticed often when clearing land they would find some great rocks. Since no one else wanted them he often took them home . It led him to start learning about geology and when he was out hunting he would also start looking for rocks. His first major mining claim was the "windy ridge" claim in the owyhee mountains. When my  grandfather and then later my father passed away, I was lucky enough to inherit almost 30 ton of stone . After teaching myself to wire wrap I began selling my work at small art/craft shows and now we do several larger shows a year as well.